Tuesday 19 February 2008

Leave well enough alone!

So. You know when you are lying in bed feeling under the weather, and you can't really be bothered to do anything at all... you doze (a bit) and mostly do nothing. Or in the 21st Century you have your trusty laptop glued permanently to your side. But what to do when there's nothing to do? Oh dear. You potter. You tidy. You re-organise. You forget how you have carefully put everything together... and you destroy!

Yesterday I decided to move stuff I don't regularly need form my laptop hard drive to my external hard drive. Not too much like hard work... can lie and do that. Ha! If only I had remembered that all the icons were being used in various places and that would break all the links. D'oh! If only I had realised that moving the iTunes stuff off of the C: drive would completely wipe the iTunes library.

No bother I thought. I'll just add the folder from the G: drive back on, that will be sorted. No!!! For some reason, despite iTunes claims of self organisation (self aggrandisement more like) there didn't appear to be any degree of logic being employed whatsoever. Many songs appeared in several places in the iTunes folder and therefore added themselves back on four or even five times! Stuff that I had previously deleted I had only taken out of the library not to the Recycle Bin, so that all added itself back to. About 2,ooo additional tracks were where they ought not be. That'll teach me to mess with things that don't need messing with!