Tuesday 5 February 2008

Hole in the road and other traffic chaos

Somebody (who would be Thames Water) has dug a large hole almost in the middle of the road outside our office. Fairly fortunately it is a one way street, so only one line of traffic is affected. Not so fortunately it is only a few feet up from a t-junction. Queue chaos. A large flat bed truck came round the corner earlier... the hole in the road was right in the way of his turning circle. Not being articulated he got fairly wedged. Instant cacophany of car horns etc. Sadly for those of us watching from the window with anticipatory schadenfreude the driver deftly reversed and righted his arc and off he went.

The hole is fairly well advanced and looks like it may be there for a while, so more traffic chaos may yet ensue!

Talking of bad traffic, I picked my nearly-mother-in-law up from work last night. We were coming home along through the Village, possibly going a bit slow but certainly only just below the 30 mile an hour speed limit. A gas-guzzler (4x4) came screeching up behind me and proceeded to tail-gate me for a couple of minutes. I was not to be shaken from my adherence to the speed limit. The 4x4 decided to pass me (who cares that we were only a matter of yards from a traffic island). The 4x4 passed me, and the traffic island on the wrong carriageway. Just another few seconds away from the site of the fatal accident on New Year's Day. The worst thing is... in an accident it won't be that idiot and his gas guzzler who come of worst... it will be the unfortunate who he hits.