Monday 4 February 2008

This given Sunday...

...well right here it is the early hours of Monday morning... but who is counting?!

The last few hours have been amazing. The Giants and the Patriots playing Superbowl 42 out in Arizona. Nobody was giving the Giants a chance. Everyone was expecting that the Patriots would be finishing off the perfect season and going 19-0. The Giants were coming in after an amazing run... winning their three post season games on the road. Eli Manning who has been much maligned and often compared (usually unfavourably) with his big brother Peyton.

I had faith the Giants could do it. I even bought a wee bottle of champagne, ready to celebrate.

It wasn't a high scoring game... the Giants took the lead first (which historically hasn't been that good for my teams)... they looked pretty much in control for most of the game. Right into the fourth quarter it was looking good... until the Patriots got a touch down and went three points up. The clock was running down... I was beginning to doubt the Giants would do it. But then the moment that everyone was waiting for... a mighty throw from Eli to the ever excellent Plaxico Burress for a touchdown! Touchdown Giants!!! It all got a bit confusing at this point. The Patriots somehow fitted in four downs and the Giants got the ball back. The play clock went to zero and the celebrations started, the pitch filled up - but then two seconds went back on the clock. The game wasn't quite over. All that needed to happen was the pitch to clear and Eli to take the knee... after several seconds of chaos this eventually was accomplished. And there it was, official... the Giants win! Superbowl Champions!