Sunday 17 February 2008

Ugh, Steroids.

Time had somehow wiped from my mind the most unpleasant parts of taking a course of steroids. Of course I remembered the vile taste of Methylprednisolone (those are the blue ones)... who couldn't. I even remembered the peach juice trick which helps to mask the taste. What I forgot was how heinously they mess with your sleep patterns... insomnia are us. I seem to manage no more than about three hours at a stretch... when I do eventually fall asleep. It drives me crazy! I love to sleep (as I think I have previously mentioned). Off to see the Doctor tomorrow to get a note for work, so may ask for some sleeping tablets to help balance things out at the same time!

Even more annoying is a side effect that I haven't had before (although apparently Rich did have this when he took steroids last year) is the nasty tight feeling in my chest, as though I'm getting a chest infection. Very wearing.

All these side effects, I hope that they are going to do some good this time. History is not on their side, however!