Friday 8 February 2008

Power Outage

Just after I wrote yesterday's post our office suddenly disconnected for the internet. We tried all th usual solutions of re-booting the router and the firewall in turn. Nothing. I rang the IT guy to see if they were doing anything from outside the office. No. Unusual. I rang our DSL provider. A power outage in the exchange I was told. No idea how long it will last.

It lasted all afternoon! What we didn't find out until later was the dramatic events that had taken place. An exploratory dig for the Crossrail project had hit an HV cable (that's high voltage). The workman was seriously injured and the power was out over several blocks in Mayfair for several hours. No internet was all that happened to our office... one of our clients who are further north and east lost power to their offices. Goodness knows what we would do without power, no computers... no work!