Wednesday 13 February 2008

Day of Waiting

So. My health hasn't been so good the last week and a half or so. My legs have become weak and wobbly again and my balance has become totally shot (also again). All evidence points to another MS relapse. I spoke to my Nurse on Friday. Friday when I woke up with excruciating pain in my back and due to the lack of balance couldn't really walk (or therefore go to work). My Nurse said take some serious rest over the weekend (which I did) and see how you feel on Monday. Answer, well the pain in my back was gone, but nothing much else was better. So I rang my Nurse again - who suggested that I come in and see her and my Neuro today.

Due to the last minute nature of the appointment (and the fact that Neurology generally book appointments at least three months in advance) I had to turn up and wait (quite a while). I got to see the Nurse, who asked a few questions, and then called the Neuro. He did a few basic tests, and came to the conclusion that I was pretty much back where I was last October. So. Another course of steroids is prescribed (for a month). Another course of Phsyio is prescribed. And the suggestion that I change my Meds (yet again) is made. This time the Neuro recommends Tysabri. MS medication is prescribed under various schemes monitored by NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) as it costs so much money there are certain criteria which you must meet. Apparently I now meet those for Tysabri. After the Neuro left the Nurse recommended not making any quick decisions re: drugs but gave me some literature to take away and examine and told me to get back to her with my decision. Then I went to see the Pysio (who is handily in the next room). He did a few basic exams and then made me an appointment for tomorrow.

The final part of waiting (there was much waiting interspersed with all the above) was at the Pharmacy, who are rivalling blood tests for their waiting times (thank goodness I didn't have to do that too today!). It was an hour and a half queueing at the pharmacy. The worst thing was I couldn't even go and have lunch as the cash machine in the foyer was out of order... the pharmacy are having to bill me for goodness sake! So set up with a months worth of steroids. Hurrah. Five a day for five days, then onto a different 'breed' and 12 a day for seven days, 6 a day for seven days and finally three a day for seven days. I'm going to rattle!

Finally left the hospital in the early afternoon, several hours after I had arrived. Decided that I needed to go into the office to talk to my boss, the recommendation having once again been made for bed rest and no work. This of course made me nervous. We are really busy at work (as evidenced by the recent spate of ten and twelve hour days) and I don't like to let them down. Equally the wobbly legs and lack of balance are being joined by the dizziness, which makes me want to lie down in bed and stay there!

My boss was, as could probably been predicted, fine. My company are fantastic employers. I apologised for the poor timing, but he was understanding. He asked if the long hours had caused the relapse. I told him, by themselves, no - but they certainly don't help! So. Here I am, back off to bed again. What a disappointment!