Sunday 10 February 2008

More Assassins

The excellently enjoyable thing about the new game Assassins Creed which came with my Xbox 360 is that even though it is an RPG it is not too limited in the manner in which it can be played. Most of my other experience of this kind of genre is from the Tomb Raider series (excellent games, don't get me wrong), but extremely linear in the gameplay. A series of quest/problems/challenges which must be solved in a certain order.

Not so Assassins Creed. The game play provides choices, and seemingly you are free to roam pretty much anywhere accessible whenever you want. The challenges are set out to be solved, but there are a limited number of tasks which MUST be completed with further optional taks. There are also absolutely dozens of 'sub-quests' to keep you going.

The amazing graphics continue to impress me - as does the Xbox 360s superb processing power which keeps the game ticking over at a good speed!