Tuesday 8 July 2008

Wet weather

Today I finally finished the estimate that has been ruling my life for the past few days (funny how estimates do that). The sense of relief was huge, and the client was not too appalled by the cost; so all good then!

This afternoon we had a 'team' meeting (team being our entire office). At one particularly serious point after Boss-two had just made some important statement the weather (which has been vile all day) obliged with a mighty thunderclap, to emphasise the point.

The bad weather of the last few days has had an extremely adverse effect on public transport. The Jubilee Line suffered from multiple signal failures yesterday (you know it is bad when they put up posters apologising the following day). The buses were delayed by terrible traffic which meant that I ended up taking huge walks on my way to North Greenwich (in the rain, of course). Today was better (it really couldn't have been much worse), although the dismal weather continues.