Wednesday 16 July 2008

All Star Game

So... tonight is the All Star Game. The annual collection of the greats (mostly) of baseball playing together. For the last few years the All Star Game 'counts' as whichever team wins the game gets home-field advantage for their League in the World Series. The American League usually wins the All Star Game (at least for the last few years)... not going so well tonight so far (AL are currently losing). It's about the only time that Rich and I can agree in baseball as we both want the AL to win.

This is the last season at Yankee Stadium... therefore the last All Star Game at Yankee Stadium. Before the game they had all the living Hall of Famers on the field along with the All Star Players. This was rather cool, they all lined up on the field behind the positions that they played at, and were then joined by the All Star Players.

We've been watching the coverage on Five (yep, there is a choice between them and NASN). Five win our viewing on account of they actually have proper coverage with presenters (no ad-breaks at all tonight so far). How could miss out the fun with Jonny and Josh (and David)... and the best bit of all, they wished me "Happy Birthday". Rich emailed them in and they read it out live on air... which means that my name was said in Yankee Stadium! How cool is that?! It's the little things...

We're currently enjoying the Seventh Inning Stretch... and Jonny, Josh and David talked through most of 'God Bless America' - not cool guys! I always enjoy the rendition of 'God Bless America'.

So, we'll settle down to enjoy the end of the game, and hope that the AL Team pull their finger out!