Tuesday 15 July 2008

Tuesday - Holiday Day 2

Another busy day today (how are holidays as busy as going to work?!). Given the arrival of the new fridge-freezer and the imminent arrival of the new oven it was decided that it was finally time to get the new floor laid. I'd already been out scouting for floor finishes, and even snapped a few pictures so that Rich and I could decide what we were going to choose. Of course, the one we chose was a 2m roll which wouldn't suit our kitchen whose minimum dimensions exceeded 2m. C'est la vie. We've ended up with a rather bright blue, which will hopefully lift the colour in our kitchen which is rather dark because the windows are small.

The best bit was that they can come tomorrow to fit the flooring... the worst bit is that as we'll be up late tonight watching the All Star Game we're going to be rather tired clearing the kitchen tomorrow morning.

This afternoon I decided to try getting my Xbox 360 controller to work on the laptop. The logic goes like this... the Xbox is made by Microsoft. My laptop runs Vista made by Microsoft. The game that I want to play is 'made for Windows' and made by Microsoft (in part). The logic is therefore the controller will work with the laptop and the game. Hah! I plugged it into the USB and indeed the computer recoginised 'something'. It went off searching for drivers... and eventually 'found' something on Windows Update. Nothing worked. I searched the net and found another download. Installed... appeared to work... controller doesn't work. Restarts... troubleshooting... still nothing. I give up. I'll buy a games controller I guess. Silly me to think that anything would be easy!

Off for a nap soon, ready for the All Star Game later.