Thursday 31 July 2008

Fast approaching the weekend

The first week back at work after a holiday is always exhausting. Especially when there are meetings to go to and reports to be issued. I'm glad tomorrow is Friday!

This morning I went to a meeting at one of our Client's offices over in the City. The first time I've been to their new offices since they moved a few months back. Extremely corporate! Pre-printed visitor passes (with your name) I was a bit worried they were going to take my picture as there was an outwards facing webcam on the front desk - not today though. It actually does happen at very large offices that you have a personalised visitor tag with not just your name but your photo too!

I was quite jealous of their beautiful atrium and their extremely modern reception furniture - although once sat on it was quite difficult to get up from again! There was LED lighting around the meeting room doors and big computer screens on all the walls. I was quietly impressed. Also slightly confused as the office phone system appears to have the same ringtones as the phones on TV show 24... which also happens to be my mobile phone ringtone. I kept thinking my phone was ringing!