Sunday 27 July 2008

SatNav takes us on a trip

Today we were off to seem some friends for a BBQ lunch. As I only knew roughly where their house is located I decided it was the perfect opportunity for SatNav to guide us. For reasons unknown SatNav decided that the best route was via Sidcup to the M25 - which worked for me as the last time that I was at the junction near Dartford there were roadworks and horrendous queues. I got a bit confused when we nearly arrived, but SatNav did a bit of recaculating and found us our destination in the end!

We had a wonderful afternoon with our friends, good food... a game of boules (!) and some quality time with their baby (who is really more of a little boy now!). It was quite shocking to notice the time and reluctantly make our way home.

This evening it was time to take the new grill for a test drive. Fantastically improved cooking times for the lamb chops (compared to trying to bake them in the oven). I love my new cooker! Also managed to find time to finish reading 'The Pirate's Daughter' by Margaret Cezair-Thompson. Another book picked from the library on the recommendation of Richard and Judy's book club. Fantastic read... set in Jamaica (where I did once spend two weeks on holiday many years ago) it is vividly written with wonderful characters (including Errol Flynn!). It's an absolute delight to read and really doesn't dissapoint all the way to the end... ten out of ten and highly recommended. I'm not sure what will happen to the rest of the library books as I've already had them for two weeks now so there is only one week left and now I'm back at work I don't have nearly as much time for reading, and what time I do have will be devoted to finishing 'Flood' by Stephen Baxter!