Sunday 20 July 2008

Movie night as usual

Last night's movie was the fantastic "Stargate Contiuum" (thanks to Play USA for getting it here so fast!).

If you like Stargate then you're going to love 'Contiuum'. it is an absolutely amazing film. It manages to get nearly all the main cast members (ever) together, even the late, great Don S. Davis. Several of the famous G'ould (especially my personal favourite Ba'al) and even a brief appearance by Jack O'Neil. I heard an interview with writer Brad Wright were he was saying it was the piece of which he was most proud, and I could well agree with him. If my other favourite cast member Harry Maybourne had only shown up it would have been perfect! I might go as far as ten out of ten!

This afternoon it was the Grand Prix at Hockenheim. After the excitement of Silverstone I was expecting a big let-down, but luckily I was wrong. Fantastic race! Having opened up a superlative lead over second place pole-sitter Lewis Hamilton looked like he had it in the bag. Then a rear suspension failure on Timo Gloch's car brought out the safety-car. Lead vanishes. As soon as the pit lane opens nearly the whole pack pits, except Lewis. The safety car then stays out a few more laps than seems strictly necessary (presumably the lapped cars are unlapping themselves). Now Lewis has to build up another lead in order to make his pit-stop and come out in front. It doesn't happen. Suddenly Piquet (who is one stopping) leads from Massa with Lewis back in third. Amazingly he manages to pass both other drivers to finish top of the podium. Fantastic stuff! There were some other good drives around, but none to quite beat that!