Saturday 26 July 2008

Cooker arrives!

After many months in the offing the new cooker arrived today. Well, not really new, second-hand but new to us. My uncle and cousin kindly drove it up from the South coast and delivered it (with some help from Rich) to our kitchen. Even better, shortly after this a call was received from the plumber to see if a) the cooker had been delivered and b) he could come to fit it this afternoon instead of Monday morning! Hurrah. The new cooker is now installed and we are very excited to have a functioning grill and an oven whose door stays closed; the old cooker's grill was busted and the only way the door would stay shut was to prop the front of the cooker on cardboard and let gravity take care of it!

I spent a large part of today watching the Twenty-20 final where Kent were playing Essex. Being a Kent girl (I lived there for most of my childhood) I was obviously supporting Kent. It was all very exciting - despite the 'sloppy' fielding (that's the commentators words not mine) of the Essex team they came close to matching Kent's score. I started watching the game between Middlesex and Durham but lost interest on account of a) Middlesex isn't an actual county and b) how can you take a cricket team seriously wearing that shade of pink?!

I missed most of the final as I was taking a well earned nap. I woke up in time to see Kent's innings... what a roller-coaster. They seemed to be out of contention, them a very strange incident of over-throwing appeared to give them a chance... before they finally blew it.