Saturday 12 July 2008

Visiting the folks

Today I took a trip to Kent to see my folks. It is their thirty-fifth wedding anniversary on Monday so I took them the gift that I had got for them which was a photo album with pictures from when my brother and I were kids until now. They were thrilled with this, and my mother started wondering where all the other family photo albums had got to.

After lunch we went shopping and I was delighted to find on the sale rail an identical pair of trousers to a pair which I had loved so much that I wore them until they fell to bits. Hurrah!

My mum has decided that she want to cancel her mobile phone contract (on account of hardly ever using it). She was paying about £16 a month for half an hour of calls. Oh yeah, and an additional £2.55 for 'International Travellers Service' which she had asked for once and forgot to cancel. We tried the internet first, but of course there was no information of any sort on cancelling a contract - and the fact my parents have pay-as-you-go dial-up internet. So a phone call was made. After some to-ing and fro-ing and transferring between departments we got to the right person. My mum explained what she wanted and of course they tried to persuade her to change tariffs or anything rather than cancel the contract. The next thing they told her that she had to top up her pay-as-you-go every month or the number would expire! What nonsense. We did finally get it sorted, so the next step is that money they save on the contract is going to go to getting broadband. I shall be helping them out with that one too!