Sunday 13 July 2008

Movie night

Two movies last night, first up was 'Unknown' followed by 'Cars'. 'Unknown' was very good... five guys wake up in a warehouse with no memory of who they are, and the film progesses from there. Well written, well acted and a truly surprising twist at the end. Totally recommended, eight out of ten.

'Cars' is another animation from the excellent Pixar (who have brought us the likes of Toy Story, Monsters Inc., and so forth). Great fun movie, amazing (amazing) animation and a lot of very famous names doing the voices. The best bit was at the end where they had a little bit at the end self-referencing the fact that John Ratzenberger (Cliff in Cheers) has been a voice in all the Pixar movies, and they had little clips of the movies (but done by cars)... very cute. Again, eight out of ten.

A good movie night, then. Must be due some rubbish ones next week on that basis! A lot of movie watching is likely over the next few weeks, I've got two weeks holiday, and apart from visiting as many friends as I can impose myself upon I've got no real plans. Some R&R - couldn't come at a better time.