Wednesday 23 January 2008

Miracles of modern technology

Today I was working from home. A hospital appointment late morning, combined with a queue of over an hour for blood tests made it impractical to go into the office. However, I discovered (to my frustration) I was without one thing in my little home office I really needed. A printer. There is a printer downstairs which my laptop is supposed to connect - but last time I tried it took an age and forever to not print a single page... I didn't want to experiment with multiple pages!!! So. I whipped out to PC World to buy the cheapest available printer which needed the cheapest available ink. I really fancied a wireless printer, but they were all a bit more than I wanted to spend. I brought home a compact little HP (to match the scanner). All installed without a hitch, and printing was finally mine! This meant I could print of the document I needed to edit. Mark it up, and send it back via a colour scan. Just as good as being in the office!