Monday 14 January 2008

A good Monday

Delightfully, and unbelievably, the Giants beat the Cowboys last night in the Divisional Play-offs. Absolutely superb. Unfortunately (yet again) I didn't manage to stay awake until the end of the game... but Rich thoughtfully taped the last two minutes for me, so I got to see the heart-stopping moment when Dallas threw for a touchdown but it was intercepted by the Giants. What drama! So I finish the Divisional weekend with a team still in the post-season, just not the team I expected!

The week got off to a good start this morning when the Jubilee Line decided to take me to work without any delays (sadly this evening it isn't doing so well). Even the weather wasn't too bad, although damp and drizzling it wasn't the threatened downpour.

The office email is finally working again... which is delightful - although a lot of mail seems to have been lost forever during the down-time. The good thing is that a lot of people haven't realised that its working again, so it is still very quiet... lots off work done today as a consequence.

Managed to get two projects crossed off my list today. They have both been hanging around since before Christmas and it is good to boot them off my desk. Only left with actual live (or nearly live) projects now. Unprecedented!

Two new chaps are starting in our office this week. This is good from the 'many hands make light work' theory. The computers are set up for them, it is all ready to go. Again, unprecedented.

All in all it is a fantastically positive start to the week. Sadly, I suppose it can only go down hill. Meeting every day from now until Friday... the Jubilee Line... the weather - ah well, forewarned is forearmed!