Sunday 6 January 2008

Wild Card Weekend Part 2

So. Two games yesterday. Redskins (unfortunately for Rich) lost to Seattle. I didn't see all the game as I was having a nap in order to stay awake for the whole of the late night Jaguars game.

The Jaguars game was quite something. Although the Steelers scored first the Jaguars came right back and got a touchdown to level the score. And after that shaky start the Jaguars were pretty much in control, until the fourth quarter. Suddenly the Steelers got three touch downs and the whole thing was looking scary. Even worse one of the touchdown's came with an two-point conversion. So instead of it all being tied up the Jaguars were losing! I had to go and not watch for a while. Fortunately a field goal right at the end meant that final score was 31-29. Hurrah for the Jags!

I've just finished watching the Giants at Tampa. Another shaky start for my team. Everyone admits that there are two Eli Mannings... the good one and the not so good one. For a bit I thought that it was the wrong Eli turned up today. But he stepped up (along with rest of the team) and played the game, and then some. Excellent game, which pretty much by half time looked to be in the bag. Final score 24-14. Go Giants!

Today was also Twelfth Night. This meant that after two months the Christmas decorations had to come down. Sigh. The room looks extremely bare without them - and much larger! It seems that we have actually managed to take down every scrap of tinsel, bauble and sparkle. We usually forget something, but haven't noticed anything still there so far! Ah well. Only 10 months until they can go back up again!