Friday 18 January 2008

Must be Friday

I was having breakfast this morning and watching BBC Breakfast on the TV when I was startled by an alarming banging. An alarming banging and rattling noise. I thought maybe somebody somewhere was demolishing something, it was that loud. Turns out it was the boiler and the boiler is sick. British Gas are coming tomorrow to tend to it.

Partners were away today, so it is quiet(er) in our office. Although now we have two new staff members and we are back to our full complement of eight (when we are all there). It was definitely 'one of those days'. Too many phone calls, and I had to answer the phone the whole day as the new chaps are too new, young guy and girl were at meetings and youngest guy had fallen of his motorbike the night before and wasn't in. Even more annoyingly, most of the calls were for me. How can you have people take a message when you are too busy to take a phone call if you are answering the phone yourself?!

Oh yes, and the Jubilee Line is still misbehaving. They've got engineering works on the line this weekend, so hopefully it will feel better next week!