Tuesday 1 January 2008

Happy New Year!

So last night we ushered in 2008. We didn't go out to any overpriced venue, preferring instead to stay at home and do our own thing. We watched the 'Big Fat Quiz of the Year' which we had previously recorded... I was surprised to find that most of what I know about the year seems to have come from other clip-shows watched over the Christmas period! I'm a huge fan of those clip shows. We watched the AFI's top 100 films the other night. I was shamed to have only seen 23% of them whilst Rich managed a huge 91%. Ah well.

As Big Ben (on the TV) chimed in 2008 I opened the front door to let out the old year. A few neighbours were also in the street, and they came over to wish us a Happy New Year. How very un-London of them! We were treated to some excellent fireworks displays from all sorts of directions, the most stunning of which seemed to be coming from the bottom of the street, actually in the middle of the road! Nothing of course compared to the huge display on the banks of the Thames, but pretty impressive anyhow.

Charlton was in the news for all the wrong reasons today. A fatal car crash occurred early this morning on the main road from Charlton to Woolwich and Blackheath. This has caused the closure of Littleheath. It seems that a bendy bus collided with a car, just on the extremely dangerous bend. Perhaps this will finally encourage the council to take some sort of traffic calming measures?