Monday 21 January 2008


Last night it was time for the Conference Championships. First up (and disappointing for me as it was already a late game) were the Chargers taking on the Patriots. As one of the pundits said in a game break, the good thing about dynasties is that people love them or hate them. Too true. I hate New England, for no good reason other than their resounding successes. I really hoped San Diego might have another shock and win through, it wasn't to be though. I didn't even make it to the end of that game, so I had no hope of being awake come the late night match-up of the Giants at Green Bay. On the road again. They call Dallas "America's Team" I reckon they should call the Giant's "America's Road Team".

Rich thoughtfully taped the last two and a half minutes for me again. It was quite exciting (and scary) to see the score tied at 20 apiece. The Giants have the ball and the clock is running down. There is only one thing for it, a 36 yard field goal attempt. Rich tells me that Tynes has already missed one tonight. The snap is high, and you can tell immediately that it will be no good. Here we go to overtime.

The Giants get to make the call. Tails is called, heads it is. Tynes kicks the ball down the field and Green Bay have the ball. In my head I'm writing a script, Green Bay throw an interception and the Giants run the ball in for a touch down. First and ten on the 26, a gain of two yards, second and eight... then the unbelievable happens. They've been reading my script! The Packers throw an interception! Sadly the Giants haven't been reading the same script as they don't run it in for a touchdown. First and ten, second and six, third and five... time for a field goal attempt. I can hardly bear to look at the screen. The 47 yard field goal attempt looks to be a very, very long way. Can Tynes make it when he missed the last at only 36 yards? The ball sails through the air, and appears to go through the posts. I hold of my celebration, waiting to see the two umpires make their signal. They raise their arms, the kick is good!!! Giants win, Giants win!

Conference Champions... all the way on the road. And we're the official road team in the Superbowl... I take that as a good omen. To quote Warren Beattie in 'Heaven Can Wait' - "I think we're going to the Superbowl, and I think we're going to win".