Monday 28 January 2008

It's all rubbish...

Despite many and varied complaints regarding the new waste collection arrangements in the Borough of Greenwich my journey to work this morning was hampered (as is usual for a Monday) by the refuse cart performing a rolling roadblock down Charlton Church Lane.

The new arrangements are beginning to fall into place, it would seem. The long awaited compost/caddy bags were finally delivered last week (although apparently abandoned in the porch rather than actually 'delivered'). Our food rubbish was collected (eventually) last Thursday (sometime after 5pm) and other bloggers in the area have also seen their rubbish collected.

Regarding the new 'green waste' arrangements, apart from the need to rinse out containers which previously we would have thrown away (which being washing up falls into Rich's domain rather than mine!) I've not noticed a great deal of difference... apart from the fact that when we've previously tried compost caddies they've only ever lasted a few weeks and this time it needs to stick!