Thursday 24 January 2008

You can't go further east...

...without falling into the North sea. Yesterday I took a 260 mile round trip (four hours each way) to Lowestoft. A trip partly round the M25 and up the A12. It would be better if the A12 didn't turn into a B-road equivalent after Ipswich which necessitates driving at 30 miles and hour through various villages!

I do wish that I had digital radio in my car. I like to listen to 'talk' radio whilst driving and that is usually BBC Radio London... until one gets out of range. I then had to do with Radio 4 for the rest of the day. Radio 4 isn't quite my cup of tea... I'd much rather listen to phone-ins than discussions about plate tectonics, political commentary, serialised books, plays, and of course - the Archers!

I go home to find that internet grocery shopping had reached new lows. The 2-4pm time slot had already been exceeded by 40 minutes. Eventually they turned up at 7:45pm. Failing to meet even their own low standards!