Wednesday 9 January 2008

You've got no mail

I didn't notice for ages as I was in meetings all morning. But come lunchtime I noticed that my inbox was empty. Strange (and unusual). Where is all the mail? Stuck somewhere on the Exchange server it turns out.

The Exchange server lives at head office. They have evidently some problem with their internet as we have no mail but still have internet (as do all the other offices). This is reinforced by the fact that you can't even get webmail.

Normally I'm quite happy for the email to not work. It means that nobody can ask me to do anything or chase me for things or any of the other one hundred and one things that email annoys me with every day. Today, of course, I'm waiting for things. Things that I know have been sent. Things that are sitting locked away waiting for the Exchange server to work. How very frustrating!