Tuesday 8 January 2008

Torrential Tuesday

I met a friend for drinks tonight at Tiger Tiger in Haymarket. There was a moment on confusion as I walked down the street and thought to myself "I'm sure that Tiger Tiger isn't this far from Piccadilly Circus". I then realised that instead of being in Haymarket I was in Lower Regents Street. Oh dear.

It was a nice evening. I hadn't been to Tiger Tiger in aeons. It hasn't changed much. Still the scary tiger statue in the ladies toilets which makes you jump the first time you see it as you assume you are about to bump into someone. Still the moody lighting and the expensive drinks. Good bar snacks though! At the end of the evening I ended up walking all the way to Westminster to catch the Jubilee Line as there didn't seem to be in any buses about. Rather damp and windy on the way down Whitehall. Much worse was to come though.

By the time I back to South East London I was starving, so I decided to see if the fake-KFC just down the road was still open. It was. By now, though it was really raining. Sheets and sheets of water coming from the sky. I was soaked in the five minute walk home. Oh dear.