Tuesday 15 January 2008

Mayor of London

The London Mayoral race is beginning to hot up. Not quite in the league of the US Presidential race yet, although apparently there was a televised debate the other week, I missed that. I'm still waiting for any of the candidates to impress me by offering to fix any of the things that matter to me. I'm in the forgotten demographic, I'm not a pensioner yet and I don't have any children. All policies seem aimed at the over 60s or those with a 2.4 average family - which is great if you are in those categories, but it isn't going to swing my vote.

I've visited all the websites of the three main candidates (Conservative, Lib Dem and Labour). On the basis of my first brief foray into the three websites I actually couldn't find Ken Livingstone (the incumbent)'s website. All I found was a page urging me to donate my time and/or money. I did find a blog which was giving support... surely he has an official site though?!

This left me with Brian Paddick (Lib Dem) or Boris Johnson (Conservative).

Brian Paddick's page tells me he is 'serious about London'. He is also serious about connecting with the 'yoof' as the links to Facebook and Twitter attest, as do the multitude of buttons across the bottom of the page! Some policy direction, although more about Brian himself and again prominent buttons urging me to donate time and money.

Lastly I visited Boris Johnson's page. I've always liked Boris whenever I've seen him on television, which is a start I suppose. This site impressed me the most. I had a good look around and there was only a small link urging me to get involved, and even then it didn't ask for money. Another favourable point. The site appears well designed and laid out, and I particularly like the countdown ticker to the election. Although generally philosophies are laid out the finer details of who these aims will be accomplished aren't really developed.

Early days I suppose, but for me Boris is the front runner at the moment. I take the politics of London far more seriously than any other sort. The decisions made here actually do affect my day to day life. I shall continue to watch the campaigns between now and May with interest!