Saturday 12 January 2008

Good football (at last)

My phone was going mad this afternoon! I have a text alert service which lets me know when anything 'exciting' happens during a football match involving Charlton Athletic. Exiciting defined as goals, yellow cards and red cards.

It's been a bit quiet recently. Charlton hadn't won in five matches; the first being a 4-2 defeat to West Brom follwed by three 1-1 draws and and a 2-1 defeat to Colchester. It was beginning to look like Charlton's annual December/January nightmare. Until today, when Charlton managed to put four past Blackpool and only concede one. Not bad at all!

Until this season I had a season ticket at the Valley and used to go the games every week. The pressures of work and the rubbish football last season meant that I didn't renew my ticket. Given the comments on the games from the rest of my family who do go I don't generally seem to have missed much. I did feel I missed out yesterday, and have been inspired to go to a game before the end of the season. I'd have liked to go to the Palace game (rivalry always makes for a good game) but unfortunately that game has been moved to a Friday night, and I've never been a fan of evening games - especially not on a Friday which is always the worst day of the week at work. I'll be really interested to experience half time, as I've not been to the Valley since last July when the smoking ban came in. There used to be a fog over the concourse at half-time (which got worse after they banned smoking in the stands). It had got to the point that it was practically unbearable, and quite hard to breathe - so I'm looking forward to the new smoke-free half-time.