Sunday 30 September 2012

Behind the radiator and what I found there

We have two desks in this house. There is the one in the living room where the PC lives which once upon a time was a time share. Then I got a laptop, and I got sick and needed to work from home sometimes. So I got my own desk. It lives in the bedroom. It sits by the radiator and there used to be a shelf of the radiator; but then we decided the bedroom got too cold and we should use the radiator, so the shelf went. Now what happens is stuff gets knocked down the back of the radiator by small-black-and-purry (AKA Casper), stuff falls off the wall (because blue tack dries out in the heat) or stuff falls out of over-stuffed radiators.

Today my iPad movie card fell out of the filing tray and I decided to go fishing as my Yankee mini-penant was also down there.

Mostly I found wall paper, but I did get what I was looking for (after two broken hangers and use of the long measure and a pair of pliers!).

The back of the radiator
Mostly I found wallpaper
Nothing ever falls down this bit!
Tools used to 'fish' down the back of the radiator
The back of the radiator and what I found there