Monday 6 January 2014

Conversations with cats

Casper does not think much to the winter weather. The fact that we live in a big, draughty Victorian house doesn't help. He is on a constant quest for a warm place to sleep, failing that he wants people who have found a warm spot to get up and play with him, brush him, feed him, see to his litter or just generally follow him around for company.

Casper (when we first adopted him) was called Squeak. As he's got older his vocals have got more varied, and louder... and we can rather imagine why he had his baby name!

He always was loquatious on car journeys to the vet (keeping up a constant monologue which I always imagined was "are we there yet, are we there yet" or possibly "why am I shut in a box").

I read somewhere that cats don't miaow to each other but rather take it up to communicate with their human companions as they hear people talking to each other and work out this is the way to get attention. I also read that cats can make over 100 different sounds. Living with Casper I believe both of these things.

Casper and I may not really be able to talk to each other, but we really do understand each other (the fact that he usually chooses to ignore me is neither here nor there).

Some examples of converations that Casper and I have (ear position and tail position are also important):-

It's morning, I am hungry. Feed me now. *Mrreeow* (loud)

Seriously, I'm sleeping (moves paw over eyes) *mmh*

Pigeons! There are pigeons! *chitter, chitter, chitter*

I want to play with the water *meeoow*

I want you to follow me up/down stairs *yoouwl*

You serve food to slowly *mrow, mrow, mrow*

Time to play (significant looks) *myup* (softly)

I want the bed (kicks and kicks) *purrr, meep, purr*