Wednesday 22 January 2014

Night ramblings (1)

Last night I left all my electronic items away from the bedroom. That meant when I wanted to get things out of my head in the middle of the night I resorted to pencil and paper (old school!).

These are my ramblings:-

Amazingly bereft of all technology... woken by the need for the bathroom.

Deserted by the fickle feline - curled up somewhere my husband wants to sit I expect.

Drank my hot chocolate and made myself sleepy trying to do long multiplication in my head, the number keep moving. In  the end I cheat and multiply by 10 and add the extra three. The answer is 182 which I knew anyway.

The drugs don't work... they aren't helped by hot milky drinks.

Off to count sheep. There are only three - they circle back behind me... I need a sheep dog.

I have now realised that long multiplication is in fact simply multiplying by ten and then multiplying and adding the remainder. If that had been explained to me when I was eight years old I think I'd have mastered maths much more quickly!

The cat was indeed stealing my husband's chair... although he later reappeared to try and steal the bed (with his usual lack of success and kicking me as if I am a pillow to be moulded).