Monday 13 January 2014

Just another Monday

Don't let the weather fool you. It might look nice out, but it is child as anything.

My plans for the day went out of the window after miscommunication meant the cat didn't get tea at tea time last night and woke me up to discuss the situation. This meant everyone overslept this morning.

I did have tidying/organising plans on the burner, the cold snap meant that the house was generally freezing and the best course of action was to join Husband on the Sofa of Sloth and with technology and TV pass a quiet day.

We were joined by the cat who had rediscovered our sofa and Husband's desk chair... usually choosing to sit in whichever Husband is about to occupy. Casper even reverts to sneak tactics on occasion to get his own way!

Today is also our six month wedding anniversary. The weather meant that going out and doing anything was swiftly ruled out (too cold). We had a cozy evening and a nice dinner "chez nous" and watched Sherlock - so really dinner and the movies, in the comfort of your own home.