Tuesday 28 January 2014

Night Ramblings (2)

21st Century Reading 
[another device free night]

My Kindles has 15 collections... plus the can't be escaped 'My Clippings' and 'Dictionary'.

One of these is 'Admin' (user guides and other 'notices' from Kindle-on-high) - doesn't count.

The rest are mostly sensible groups... chic-lit, sci-fi, biography, crime.. you get the picture. there is also the shameful 'queue'. Down below 100 at least - but still 35% of the books on my Kindle... unread. All free - but... my Grandad once said "once you start a book you have to finish". It often takes me years (apart from the English Lit books I cheated on) but I used to get there. No longer.

There are less than 100 now because I read a few - and deleted some (well 7, but it's a start). That's the problem with virtuality, nearly 200 books - I'd have run out of space!

Current book, if it was a film I'd have switched off... 6 hours to go...