Wednesday 15 January 2014

Google Doodle - British Museum

The 255th Anniversary of the foundation of the British Museum, the first public museum in the world. It wasn't one of the stops on our honeymoon as we'd both been there in our youth, but it hasn't dropped off our radar.

From recollection it's a time and time again sort of place. You need to go with an objective in mind and then revisit for a different objective. I was seventeen the last time I went (over 20 years ago!) so the new courtyard wasn't in existence back then.

We are spoilt in London for museums. The best bit is that they are free entry, charging generally only for 'special' exhibitions - although all encourage donations! Exhibition Road out in Kensington will yield the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum. Head over to Bloomsbury for the British Museum, or off into the City or Docklands for the Museum of London.

There are also numerous other smaller collections and art galleries to be found hidden away in unexpected places. Watch this spot for our future travels...