Monday 20 January 2014

In the garden

There is some debate as to whether winter has come to our garden this year or whether the flora and fauna are skipping from Autumn to Spring. 

Now that it seems to have stopped raining (for the time being, anyway) the mercury is dropping and it looks like winter may be about to put in an appearance.

Phylis the hardy fuchsia not reduced to a pile of twigs! 

The hydrangea is not even vaguely ready for dead-heading

Some trees and bushes do think it is winter

Holly being very seasonal

The hydrangea is still flowering

The wedding roses are wrapped up just in case

Two plants with very different takes on the season
Usually by now I am bemoaning the state of my fuchsia and Mother-in-Law and I are counting the days until we can remove the dead-heads from the hydrangea bushes. This year the fuchsia has berries (eat them birds, make new fuchsias) and the hydrangea is still flowering. There are the last few leaves lurking around as all the deciduous trees shed there greenery, and what is really needed is my Uncle and his chainsaw to get rid of the tree that came down in last year's storms. The fish are coming out to be fed, as is all the garden wildlife; birds and squirrels alike. I suppose that means it is going to snow at Easter...