Monday 23 June 2008

Monday, balmy Monday

Really not the sort of day to be in an office, today. Balmy isn't really the word... hot and humid, bordering on unpleasant. Not at all the thing as today is the first day of Wimbledon. Surely it should be raining by now?!

I had a marathon meeting this morning that went on until lunchtime, which meant that I didn't get a fraction of the things that I wanted to do today done.

Added to this the irritation of some event at the O2 (as usual) causing minor chaos in North Greenwich, I was glad to get home so early.

Early enough that there was still time for a movie followed by a nearly early night.

Tonight's movie was "Made of Honour" with the lovely Patrick Dempsey (aka McDreamy from Gray's Anatomy). A bit of a fluff movie, really. Total celluloid chick-lit. Rich was very patient watching it with me, and suffering a rather stereotyped view of the Scottish. Five out of ten... OK if you've nothing better to do!