Sunday 29 June 2008

Movie night

We managed two rather mediocre movies last night. First up was 'Dan in Real Life' with the usually funny Steve Carrell. Unfortunately this was one of those 'life journey' type stories. There were a few funny moments here and there, but they were pretty few and far between; which was a shame because it had a really good cast. I'm giving this four out of ten. Mostly it was just whimsical.

Next up was 'Juno'. Again, not so much with the funny (or indeed the story line). As it has been much hyped since the cinema release this was again hugely disappointing. Another four out of ten.

Two rather slow and uninspiring movies.

We'd also managed to watch Doctor Who in amongst all of this. My suspicions about the baddies to be revealed in this episode were correct, enter (once again) the Daleks. What huge imagination. The big cliff hanger was the Doctor getting shot by a Dalek and going into regeneration melt down. We are almost vaguely anticipating next week's episode just to see what is going to happen. In order to tie up all the ends that they want to tie up next weekend's episode will be an extra fifty percent longer!