Thursday 26 June 2008

Jubilee Line meltdown

Today was just not a good day. Full stop. I left the house this morning to see my bus passing the end of the street. I knew it was my bus because sadly I know which company runs which route and (tragically) which model vehicle runs each route (usually). The day didn't get any better whilst I was at work, and I ended up frantically trying to finish things for a meeting tomorrow until well gone 7pm.

Boss-two and I left the office around 7:45 and made our way to Green Park from where we both get the Jubilee Line. We arrived on the Eastbound platform to find no information on the indicator boards and an extremely overcrowded platform. We waited a while for nothing to happen and decided that we would try and alternate route. We'd got as far as the Piccadilly Line platform when the PA sprang into life to inform us of 'minor' delays on the Jubilee Line. "Minor delays" I commented to Boss-two "there were no trains at all!".

The message soon amended itself to 'suspended between Finchley Road and Waterloo due to a track failure" superb.About an hour later we were finally heading out of Central London on the DLR. This convoluted route involved Piccadilly Line to Holborn, change to Central, Central Line to Bank, small route march and DLR onwards. I eventually arrived at Cutty Sark Greenwich from where I got a 129 to the Peninsula and finally a 486 home. Arriving home just around half past nine, heading on for two hours after I left the office.