Wednesday 11 June 2008

Just another Wednesday

Wednesday is work from home day. This means that I don't have to drag myself through the ordeal of commuting (which is quite an ordeal in this summer weather) - all that needs to happen is a short stumble from my bed to my desk.

Generally working from home is a very positive experience. I find I get more done as there are no distractions from phone calls or colleagues, or unplanned meetings, or crises on other projects. On the downside you lack some of the resources you take for granted in the office (files, advice from colleagues, etc.). What with the ability to dial into email and the server though, and handsfree phones... well the only real difference is it is much (much) quieter working at home!

The wildlife is really enjoying summer in the garden. Rich found the first 'baby' frog the other morning (no bigger than a penny) and tonight I came across several 'adolescent' frogs (about 3cm long). The cat was entranced by the small jumping things... and then by the fox. They did the usual thing of sitting in the dusk and staring at each other whilst the fox tries to work out if Molly is a small fox and Molly tries to work out if the fox is a big cat!