Saturday 28 June 2008

London Festival of Architecture

On my way home I last night I noticed something strange out the back of the bus station at North Greenwich. Something strange that looked like a large banana skin.
Once I got on the bus I noticed some further things out of the ordinary out on the Peninsula.So today I took myself back down to the Peninsula for a closer look. It turns out that the event is part of the London Festival of Architecture which runs for one month from 20th June.
Each of the 'sticks' has a postcard on the top of it

'Open City in the Park'

Map of London (including the Thames) showing visitors favourite picnic spots.

You are here!

A giant lounge set!

My walk down the Peninsula took me to the Dome where I noticed signs advertising the Thames Clipper service. On a whim I decided to take a trip over the water to Canary Wharf to see more events from the Festival.
Taking the boat to Canary Wharf

When I got of at Canary Wharf I heard the sound of bells. The first 'installation' I came across was a set of bell-ringers with a mobile set of bells. I was instantly transported back to my youth when I spent many a happy Wednesday evening at bell-ringing practice.

I was soon distracted from watching the bell ringers by the sound of music. I walked across to the middle of Westferry Circus to see some gymnasts and some shell-like sculptures (which I later found spewed out traffic noises!).

Shell sculpture.

I consulted my guide that I'd picked up earlier at North Greenwich to see what other events were taking place around about the area.At Cabot Square I found an exhibition of sundials. These have always fascinated me. I have one in my garden (which doesn't work particularly well, but not surprising as it cost £5 from the supermarket!).
Water-feature sundial.

Elegant sundail.

Going on from Cabot Square I consulted my guide to see what else there was to see and discovered the Superblue's Skycscopes in Jubilee Gardens. The installations link to webcams on the top of some of the surrounding skyscrapers.

Another Skyscope

There were lots of other interesting exhibits in Jubilee Gardens, including a set of 'carnival' type installations and a giant sand-sculpture.
Carnival exhibits.

Sand sculpture, note the spirit level!

By now it was getting late in the day. So it was time to head back home. My original plan had been to hop the Jubilee Line (until I remembered that there were engineering works) so my second plan was the DLR - which turned out also to be suffering from engineering works. Back to the boat again.

'Fresh Flower'

Back at North Greenwich I saw the 'big banana' (which turned out to be a flower) which started the whole excursion!
Plenty more to see over the coming weeks before the Festival is finished.To check out other events go to the Festival's website.