Monday 16 June 2008

Just another manic Monday...

...and I really do wish it were Sunday!

It's the usual mad dash to finish the estimate by the deadline (which are always rashly agreed to and give about a week less than is really required to carry out the work!)

A new chap started in our office today. Saffy-bloke One (as we've already got Saffy-bloke) otherwise known as Boss-three as he is a Senior Surveyor. This gives us a pretty much full house now, with no spare desks for visiting dignitaries (Partners, whatever). Boss-two wants to do another floor plan to see if we can fit in two more desks, otherwise when the lease is up in a few years time we may have to move (please no, anything but another move).

The Free-Papers (Metro, Lite, News) were full of more stories about the tanker drivers strike (it really isn't actually a petrol strike). Hopefully they will manage to come to some agreement before the end of the week, we really don't need another media circus about petrol shortages etc. etc.