Wednesday 18 June 2008

Another Hump Day

When I was at University my housemate always called Wednesday 'Hump Day' as once you'd passed Wednesday it was all downhill until the weekend. This still holds true, figuratively even if not literally. Today has been another manic day in terms of work. Three long days in a row, but the estimate has finally been finished and gone out to the client. Under usual circumstances I'd be throwing myself a little party - but there are still bits and pieces to finalise, so we've not really put the thing to bed yet.

The Jubilee Line is clearly saving itself up for some big failure at the end of the week, as I've had remarkably few problems with it so far this week. Of course it was gone 8pm this evening by the time that I got on, so that decreases the chances for chaos and confusion.

More research into the fridge-freezer situation reveals that the model which we have long been admiring (and saving for) has universally bad reviews (well, more than half a dozen bad on the internet compared with no good). So it is back to the drawing board. Looks like we're going to have to get some finance deal as the money in my savings account is earmarked to pay off the finance deal on my laptop (paying off monthly for three years would cost nearly double the actual cost!). It never ends!