Monday 9 June 2008

F1 fun in Canada

So, yesterday evening F1 went to Montreal. The much hyped race where 'anything can happen'. And anything did happen... or perhaps that should be everything. It actually looked (at the beginning) like it was going to be a pretty dull race. Despite talk of bad weather the official forecast was for no rain during the race. The lights went out and the race started without incident. It all was going pretty much text book, with Hamilton having built up a lead of nearly seven seconds. Then Adrian Sutil crashed his Force India. It looked like the race would continue with under a yellow flag, but then the car caught fire, several fire marshals were in attendance for the recovery, and the safety car was deployed. So there went Hamilton's huge lead.

As soon as the pit lane was open pretty much the entire leading pack decided to dive peel off (as one almost) to take advantage of the 'free' stop for tyres and fuel. And then the most bizarre incident of the race occurred. Although the lane was open the exit wasn't and Kubica and Raikkonen were stopped at the red lights, whereupon Hamilton drove into the back of Raikkonen. Apparently he didn't realise the lights were red! Unsurprisingly this ended both his and Kimi's races, and left the field (literally) wide open.

The race was won by Kubica (after another excellent drive) with Heidfeld in second and Coulthard getting his first podium since the 'superman' podium in Monaco a couple of years back.

Kubica now leads the drivers championship, and Hamilton must be wishing he'd seen that red light.