Thursday 19 June 2008

Good news on the pond front...

Just after the last post, Rich rang me to tell me that he'd been out in the back garden. He'd seen Jaws swimming around the pond, and he called out, in jest, "You can tell your friends to come out now"... and moments later, as if Jaws had given the signal, many small fish appeared. Possibly not as many as there once were - but not the mass slaughter that I'd feared.

I've just been out in the garden tonight to see the contents of the Frog Pond, the Toad Tray and the Toad Pond. The Frog Pond seems to be at capacity... about a half dozen (visible) including King Frog himself. There's a couple of lurkers in the Toad Tray (once you find it under all the undergrowth!) they seem content in amongst all the leaves and other garden debris. This should have told me something about the Toad Pond before now. Fondly dug by me using a plant pot tray and some pebbles with a rock in the middle for purchase, I've enthusiastically been cleaning leaves out of it and topping up the water. Should have know better. Having had a busy few days I've not had time to do the normal housekeeping... and for the first time since it was created tonight there was a toad in the Toad Pond! Hurrah! It doesn't feel like all that (backbreaking) labour was in vain after all!