Tuesday 3 June 2008

Etiquette on public transport

Something that annoys me on a pretty much daily basis is the general lack of manners displayed by many of my fellow commuters on the underground and on the buses. Good manners cost nothing as my grandma used to say.

Here's my thoughts on good manners and consideration for fellow travellers:

1. Do not jump the queue. Wherever it is, it is there for a reason e.g. when approaching the escalators the fast queue is people who are walking up. Don't think you can use the fast queue and then cut into the people who have waited to ride!
2. When approaching the ticket barriers have your ticket/Oyster ready. Don't hold up the queue while you search for it.
3. Alcohol is now prohibited on London's public transport. Some other things should join it. Hot food, smelly food, sloppy cups of coffee - don't do it.
4. Watch where your wet umbrella is dripping.
5. Your bag hasn't paid for a seat, it shouldn't be sitting on one.
6. When sitting in forward facing seats don't sit in the aisle seat and leave the window seat empty and inaccessible.
7. Do not put your feet on the seats.
8. Do not hold a top volume conversation on your mobile phone - if you must use it modulate your voice appropriately.
9. Turn down the volume on your music player, nobody likes headphone noise, even more important don't use external speakers... ever.
10. Most importantly - always offer your seat to someone who needs it more. You may have had an exhausting day but the heavily pregnant lady, the arthritic pensioner and the disabled person with the crutches will appreciate it more. A friendly smile and the question "Would you like a seat" will make their day. Trust me; the Stick and I know from personal experience.