Monday 30 April 2007

Building the Bed!

Ikea delivered the bed in the end yesterday. Unfortunately our delivery slot was "between 4 and 7". Still, that gave plenty of time to dismantle the old bed, re-arrange some furniture and hoover the carpet. Building the bed took quite a while... It had a lot of screws and dowels, and it was all quite complicated! But, finally, the room was back together, and all the junk stored under the bed was back in place. Hurrah!!! The matress is a bit firmer than the old one, but this seems to be a good thing, as for the first time in ages I woke up not feeling stiff and old!

Molly is enjoying summer, and has taken to sitting in my chair on the deck. She does this all of her own accord, as a) its a comfy place for a cat to sit and b) it provides an excellent view of the whole garden.

Molly in her chair.

Rich told me that the picture I posted of Jaws yeserday did not fully illustrate his enormous size, so here is a photo of him with a regular sized goldfish.