Tuesday 10 April 2007

It's not really Monday

The worst thing in the world is going back to work after the Bank Holiday. Especially the Easter Holiday when it's twice as long! The only good thing is that it is one day nearer to the end of the week. Two days for me as I've Friday off... we're off to a wedding on Saturday (not ours!).

The morning has been most traumatic. My inbox was full of email that needed dealing with... my Monday (read Tuesday) morning to-do list was about three times as long as normal. I practised my excellent organisational skills by dealing with the items that I could actually finish and tick-off the list. Thus by-passing the usual procrastination and actually getting things done!!! Unprecedented.

I was very upset last night that when it came to watching the taped TV there was no Numb3rs. ITV ditched it in honour of the Bank Holiday! Bah! However, another superb episode of Prison Break (with a toally rocking ending) and of course Heroes did go a long way to making up for it.

Not that I watch too much TV (well, it has been said) but tonight is the series finale of Life on Mars (series finale... forever finale). Truly superb. It was quite funny at lunch with my friends yesterday, we were discussing pregnancy scans and whether our parents had undergone such technology - and my friend Rich and I both simultaneously referenced last week's episode where the girl is having a scan and saying that she's one of the first in Manchester to have one. Thus, we came to the conclusion, depending on how modern the hospitals were our parents might have had such things - as we know Life on Mars is 1973! Yes, I know, it's only fiction... but we reckon they must be a bit historically accurate, eh?!

Ok. 2 o'clock already. Back to work!