Tuesday 24 April 2007


Nothing is working today.

I overslept this morning (most unfortunately as I wanted to get to the office extra early). Reason - my alarm clock failed to go off. Not that I snoozed it, you can't do that with my Lumie alarm clock. Just failed to go off. I actually managed to get to work within an hour of having got out of bed (unbelievable!).

Now two of the computers aren't working. In a most suspicious manner. They log on (just about) and they can see the network drives - but (big but) they have no connection beyond that. No email, no internet. If you 'ping' the router you get 4 lost packets. Why? All the other computers (seven of them) are working. Impossible. Can't fix them... which is even more annoying!

The senior partner is visiting today, which necessitates a big tidy up. We suddenly realised that the two uplighters in reception were out and reception was shrouded in gloom. I was turning off the power at the plug whilst my colleague changed the bulb. I had to make the obvious joke "How many QS's does it take to change a lightbulb?"

I read in the Metro this morning that there are £65million of lost pennies floating around the country (this is since the penny was introduced in 1971). Enough to circle the earth four times... several thousand elephants worth. Apparently the English are too embarrassed to stop and pick them up if they see them in the street... I'm not, finders keepers... and on the basis of this, I could soon be a millionaire!!!

On my favourite topic of TfL... they are about to begin refurbishment of the Jubilee Line escalators at Green Park. I'm sure that this will cause chaos. There will be no 'down' to the Jubilee line in the mornings and the only interchange will be via the hefty hike that is the Piccadilly Line interchange. Ah well. It shouldn't affect me, so that's fine.

The endless billing is almost at an end. I have just about finished (I hope). However, the back-log of neglected jobs that has stacked up in the meantime is quite terrifying!!! Roll on May Day Bank Holiday!