Monday 23 April 2007

Another Monday

I had meant to get to work really early this morning. Having given up and gone home on Friday night without having finished what I needed to do I really needed the early start. The Jubilee Line, however, had other ideas! Although the PA system at North Greenwich claimed a good service was operating I got down to the platform to find a total scrum... the first train hardly let on any passengers at all, it was already so full. Fortunately I managed to squeeze onto the next one.It was nearly 10 to 8 by the time I arrived at the office, which was not nearly as early as I had planned. Then, of course, I had to go out to a meeting. As usual I forgot that Holborn can be reached directly from Green Park on the Piccadilly line. As usual I took the Victoria Line to Oxford Circus and changed for the Central Line. Bad idea in morning rush hour. Lucky I had left plenty of time. Managed not to make the same mistake coming back!!!

The meeting went on for two hours, which meant it was lunchtime (pretty much) by the time I got back here. Oh dear. Half the day gone already, and I have accomplished nothing!!!

On a more positive note, the marathon inspired me so much yesterday that I have decided that I would like to run the marathon. (Pause for everyone who has ever met me to fall about laughing). I'm quite serious in this aspiration, and I think that I could do it too! Notwithstanding the occasion at school where we were taking a mandatory test in our PE (Phys.Ed.) class... I was walking around the running track (I seem to recollect that we were required to complete 800m) and the teacher asked me in exasperation if I ever ran "Only if I'm about to miss a bus" I replied. Still, with the right food and the right training I think that I could become a runner!

My cat Molly continues are feud with the neighbouring cats. She chased her arch-rival the black and white cat out of the garden yesterday evening. This would have been more impressive if the cat hadn't been practically out of the garden already at the time!!! She spent the rest of the evening sitting on a large pile of dirt keeping an eye over her domain!

Anyhow. Apparently lunch is over before it is begun today, as I'm getting pressured for all sorts of figures on all sorts of jobs (none of which I have).