Wednesday 18 April 2007

Mind the Gap

Nope, not talking about the London Underground... its the Generation Gap that is worrying me today. I have noticed recently that the thing that seems to most characterize the difference between my parent's generation and my own is mobile phones (technology in general, but most noticably mobile phones).

Most of my friends are never without their mobile phone... they certainly NEVER switch them off. I have noticed that my mother never switches hers on! She will turn it on to make a call and then switch it back off again. Hardly the point! The most annoying thing of all is that she doesn't even have voicemail... so you can't leave a message to let her know that you called. *sigh*

So, absolutely nothing exciting has been happening to me. Too busy frantically working away to get much else done. This is a shame, as Spring has arrived in London. The parks will be full of new life... probably baby animals as well as the sprouting trees! I'm sure that the urban-foxes that live in our garden will be expanding their family again soon. I went out onto the deck the other night to find a fox sitting by the fish pond... not at all startled to see me. Probably trying to figure out how to catch fish through the netting!

I did hear a most alarming news report the other evening on the local radio. Westminster City Council are fed up with all the rubbish casued by the free evening papers... and are going to ban them if they don't clean up their act. This would be very sad as they amuse me all the way home, and mean that I don't have to spend 50p on the Evening Standard! I keep meaning to write to the letters page in the London Lite (which is from the same people who bring you the Metro every morning) and tell them that they should make their distributors stay out later. If you are late leaving and there are any distrubtors left they are always from the London Paper. Missed opportunity Lite guys! I don't like the London Paper as much as it has peculiar font, and the ink comes off on your fingers!